Thursday, May 28, 2009

First time Bowling

I took the girls bowling for their first time. I had signed up for this program where the girls can bowl 2 free games every weekday this summer. (Thanks for the info Melanie!) All I have to pay is $1.99 each for their shoe rentals.
Interesting note this bowling alley has some zones that are always smoke free and the whole building is smoke free from noon to six every day.

Elianna sporting her fancy special shoes. She loved them and asked if she could keep them!

Ready, Set, Roll!

Elianna was very excited whenever she hit pins. She rolled a 58.

After several times of the lane not scoring Selah's downed pins, I went and asked what I could do to put them in the computer manually. They said her ball was rolling too slow. So they brought out this ramp for her to push her ball down. She scored 46.
Both girls had a blast. We will definitely be doing this again.


Melanie said...

Hey they scored higher then I would have!

Lilly:O) said...

The kids are just adorable... all your grandchildren are... I wish you were my grandma,,,, you sure do a lot of fun stuff with them!!!! have a great day Lilly:O)