Friday, February 1, 2008


For our first Grandma Day of 2008 we went to a concert for kids. It was put on by the Ann Arbor Symphony and the local library. They play classical music while guiding the children in movement. They focus on one particular instrument at each concert.

Today's was the flute. She showed them different flutes (alto, picollo and pan) and had the children guess which ones made high notes and which ones made lower notes. She also picked Elianna to blow the regular flute. She was one of only two children who were allowed to try it out. Then afterwards, she was the only one to play the piano. I think it was her VERY polite,"Mam, can I please play your piano?"

During one of the movements, they passed out large pieces of silky fabric. The children were to dance with their adult partner. Most silks were neon colors but we received a plain white one. That didn't even matter to Elianna. She really enjoyed the whole concert.