Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Third time is a Charm

We finally were able to attend a storytime at the Library. Elianna headed right for the Doll House and proceeded to give every doll a bath again. Well it had been a week! But this time she added a step to each bath. She pretended to wipe off the face of each doll when she took it out of the bathtub.

When the Librarian arrived with the special "Story Time Key" to open the door, Elianna was more than ready to go in. She sat and listened very well to two books. Panda Bear, Panda Bear and Knick, knack, Paddywack, In between she started singing and doing fingerplays. Elianna went into observation mode and eventually joined in doing some of the motions. She kept turning around and giving me her happy smile. I knew she was having a good time. Afterwards the librarian put a small sticker on her hand. She thought that was way cool.

As everyone filed out of the room the librarian mentioned a pair of killdeer were making a nest by the window. The birds just paced back and forth on the sill and didn't even fly away. Elianna watched those birds for more than 20 minutes. All the other children only watched for about 5 minutes. I had to drag her away so we could leave.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Truck-eating Road

At the end of our "Grandma day" I was to drop Elianna off at her other Grandma's house. This was fine with me as it's closer to go there than taking her all the way back home. Oh......if I had only known. I turned onto Bunton Rd. and encountered the "Truck-eating Road" Spring thaw and rains the day before had created this monster. When I first started down the road there were just a couple of ruts. Later the whole road was ruts. I was steering back and forth across the road trying to dodge the deepest quagmires. When Bam! my TRUCK hit bottom. We had fallen in a sink hole. I put it 4 wheel drive and was able to gradually maneuver out of it. We are continuing down the road being tossed back and forth as holes kept opening on alternate sides of the truck. Then a little voice pops up from the back saying, "Careful Nana, Careful" Even though I hadn't said a word Elianna definitely knew this was not a normal ride. We were swallowed one more time but finally made it to the paved road. Little did I know when I started this short trip that I was taking my granddaughter on a Indiana Jones type ride.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Visit to the Library

For our "Grandma Day" this week we went to the Library for story time. Alas, the Librarian had a sore throat and canceled. But we spent time exploring what this library had to offer. E liked everything! But her favorite was the doll house with wooden furniture. She gave every single doll a bath in the bathtub. Mind you most of the dolls were non-jointed stiff grandparent figures. Also the puppets were a big hit.

The cutest thing she did was to approach other children and say "HI!" then ask them, "What is it?" I quickly figured out she was asking them their names. I guess next week we will work on asking, "What's your name?"

After we left the Library we went to a nearby park. All she wanted to do is swing on the tire swing for almost a half hour. No slide, no climber, no platforms just the tire swing.

Title Change

My daughter encouraged me to try blogging.

I thought about a title and was going to name it Nana and La-La's Adventures. This is what my granddaughter calls me and herself.
That is until today! Today she started calling me Grandma as clear as can be. It was a TOTAL shock as she had never even tried to call me anything but Nana.

So I had to change the title of my blog. Any way the theme stays the same. I want to write about the time her and I spend together. One day a week I take her and we do something. It's her special "Grandma Day"