Thursday, March 15, 2007

Visit to the Library

For our "Grandma Day" this week we went to the Library for story time. Alas, the Librarian had a sore throat and canceled. But we spent time exploring what this library had to offer. E liked everything! But her favorite was the doll house with wooden furniture. She gave every single doll a bath in the bathtub. Mind you most of the dolls were non-jointed stiff grandparent figures. Also the puppets were a big hit.

The cutest thing she did was to approach other children and say "HI!" then ask them, "What is it?" I quickly figured out she was asking them their names. I guess next week we will work on asking, "What's your name?"

After we left the Library we went to a nearby park. All she wanted to do is swing on the tire swing for almost a half hour. No slide, no climber, no platforms just the tire swing.

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