Friday, March 16, 2007

Truck-eating Road

At the end of our "Grandma day" I was to drop Elianna off at her other Grandma's house. This was fine with me as it's closer to go there than taking her all the way back home. Oh......if I had only known. I turned onto Bunton Rd. and encountered the "Truck-eating Road" Spring thaw and rains the day before had created this monster. When I first started down the road there were just a couple of ruts. Later the whole road was ruts. I was steering back and forth across the road trying to dodge the deepest quagmires. When Bam! my TRUCK hit bottom. We had fallen in a sink hole. I put it 4 wheel drive and was able to gradually maneuver out of it. We are continuing down the road being tossed back and forth as holes kept opening on alternate sides of the truck. Then a little voice pops up from the back saying, "Careful Nana, Careful" Even though I hadn't said a word Elianna definitely knew this was not a normal ride. We were swallowed one more time but finally made it to the paved road. Little did I know when I started this short trip that I was taking my granddaughter on a Indiana Jones type ride.

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Ron Southern said...

Sounds like good days except for THIS Grandma's day!