Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lakeside Cruise

Surprise for Chad!
The park was also holding their Lakeside Cruise at the same time as the Gemini concert.


Waiting for the Concert to start.


Singing"This Little Light of Mine"

They really enjoyed having Daddy there.

The girls enjoyed twirling and spinning with the other little girls upfront.

Selah stole Daddy's Hat!

More Pics of Selah and her mommy having fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just a couple pics I took.
My Grandchildren planted the dill for me with the help of Angela.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


After going to the SprayScape, I took the girls to get ice cream. Since the girls love carousels, I knew I had to take them to the Dairy-go-Round. It has a big carnival top over the place. The girls could sit on horses while they ate their ice cream. Of course, the girls had to try every horse while we waited.
Elianna stood by this horse and said,"Now this here horse..." and started in on this long story she made up.
Then she thought riding double would be fun. But you can see what Selah thought.
As soon as we had pulled in Selah started saying," Chocolate, Nana, Chocolate!"
When I asked her did she want an ice cream cone, she repeated, "Yes, Chocolate icy cone, chocolate." (a girl after my own) Elianna didn't care what flavor as long as it had Sprinkles.
Elianna with sprinkles on her junior cone.

Yes, Selah ate and wore a Chocolate Cone.


Elianna immediately was into the water, running and playing.
Selah was more timid and at first just liked splashing in the puddles or watching to see when the different structures started spraying. Finally, when we were ready to leave she was brave enough to run through the frog "rain" and didn't want to stop. Even when Mom and Elianna went to the PlayScape, she and I stayed to play at the Sprayscape.

Totally soaked and happy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Selah Solo

Yesterday, last night , and all day today I had only Selah. Her Mom & Dad had went to an amusement park.

Sister, Elianna, went to a Cousins Camp Out at Aunt CoCo's house.

This was the longest time I've had her alone.

It was a blast!

She loved the one-on-one Grandma attention. Sometimes she was laughing so hard Papa stopped what he was doing to come and see. Selah enjoyed playing with all the toys by herself.

Being a book fiend, she especially loved having Grandma read her every children's book in the house and some of them numerous times. "Agin" "Agin" was a phrase I heard many times.

To top it off, G-ma and G-pa were here when she arrived then later Uncle Craig stopped by to read, sing and play with her.


Picking Mulberries

Mulberry Eating
I found out that Selah loves "burries". So we went out to the big mulberry tree in the front yard to pick some. Alas, Papa had trimmed all the branches so high that I could only reach a few ripe ones. Selah became very angry with me because I would not pick her the white berries. In typical 2 year old fashion she thought I just wasn't giving her what she wanted. Good thing I knew she has a white mulberry tree at home so she was used to getting white ones. She didn't understand that these berries were not ripe.