Thursday, July 10, 2008


After going to the SprayScape, I took the girls to get ice cream. Since the girls love carousels, I knew I had to take them to the Dairy-go-Round. It has a big carnival top over the place. The girls could sit on horses while they ate their ice cream. Of course, the girls had to try every horse while we waited.
Elianna stood by this horse and said,"Now this here horse..." and started in on this long story she made up.
Then she thought riding double would be fun. But you can see what Selah thought.
As soon as we had pulled in Selah started saying," Chocolate, Nana, Chocolate!"
When I asked her did she want an ice cream cone, she repeated, "Yes, Chocolate icy cone, chocolate." (a girl after my own) Elianna didn't care what flavor as long as it had Sprinkles.
Elianna with sprinkles on her junior cone.

Yes, Selah ate and wore a Chocolate Cone.

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