Tuesday, July 24, 2007


At story time today, a mom gave us a coupon to a new playplace called Zoobilee! Since it was less than a mile away, I thought why not?
Except when I get there, I realize, Elianna has no socks! (she was wearing sandals) So I paid the rip-off price of $2 for a pair of socks with Bratz on them.

That will teach me to keep some in the diaper bag. (Correction!) That will teach me to keep socks in the panty bag! (as she is now toilet trained and doesn't need diapers)

The structure was built by the same company that built Jungle Java. It was also very clean as this was only the second day they were open. Zoo Animals & prints were the theme.

Several other children came from the Library. So Elianna had some friends to play with that she recognized.

But when I told her she had 2 more minutes to play, she wanted to leave right away.

She wanted to go home and play with her Papaw !

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chuck E Cheese's

We went to Chuck E Cheese's for "Grandma Day" this week.

Elianna's favorite part was when she had a private showing of the Chuck E Cheese Show. We were the only ones on the party side. An employee saw us there and came over and started the show. Eliannna danced, clapped and watched Chuck E while standing up at first. Then when the second act started she just walked over, pulled out a chair and sat down like she owned the place. She watched her exclusive show all the way until the end.

* * *

These next two pictures were just too cute.

She was really listening to the female character on the phone who supposedly was at the hospital. She was trying to find Chuck E Cheese and asked Elianna to help.

No fooling this little girl. She knew strange adults don't ask children to help them!

* * *

Elianna liked this ride the best. She rode it 6 times!

Once sitting on Chuck E Cheese's lap!

I can't decide if she really liked driving the car

or just liked getting her picture!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Same ol' - Same ol'

Couple weeks ago we only went to the library's story time. So I didn't post. But with all your complaints (yeah, you know who you are) I had better post this week.

Surprise! We went to the Library for story time!!! Elianna really enjoyed herself today. She participated in all the songs and finger plays. She even did Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes for the first time since we've been going to story time!!!

Afterwards, we came back home to "Papaw's Houses"! I don't know why it's his house and not mine. ;) And I don't know why it's plural but she says it that way.

As soon as we pulled in the driveway her request was "Play Dollhouse?" She always wants to play with the dollhouse every time she's here. The majority of her time is spent playing dollhouse. Today the only toy she played with was the dollhouse. So I thought I would post a photo of the ________!

Awake from her nap we went swimming in our pool. She's becoming a real fish and loves the water. Today she told me she wants to swim like cousin H! Older cousins can be such an influence. Thankfully she's a good one.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Running fast through the rings. OOOh so Cold!

I just loved this look.
The object was to turn this nozzle back and forth and spray the person across from you.
She was giving the evil eye to any who dared spray HER!
Not Surprisingly, the older girl across from her just sprayed beside Elianna and never once sprayed her.


Elianna called this the smiling man.

In the mouth seat &

the way up high seat!




I didn't get many pictures here. It was hot and past naptime! Elianna tried only a few of the extra features.
Mostly she enjoyed climbing around the different towers and mazes. She would scurry about as I called,"Where's Elianna?" Then when I found her, she would laugh & squeal with excitement.

Championship Bull Rider

Playing Music

This is the only picture in the maze I was able to get and only because I caught her before she had seen me and ran away laughing.