Tuesday, July 24, 2007


At story time today, a mom gave us a coupon to a new playplace called Zoobilee! Since it was less than a mile away, I thought why not?
Except when I get there, I realize, Elianna has no socks! (she was wearing sandals) So I paid the rip-off price of $2 for a pair of socks with Bratz on them.

That will teach me to keep some in the diaper bag. (Correction!) That will teach me to keep socks in the panty bag! (as she is now toilet trained and doesn't need diapers)

The structure was built by the same company that built Jungle Java. It was also very clean as this was only the second day they were open. Zoo Animals & prints were the theme.

Several other children came from the Library. So Elianna had some friends to play with that she recognized.

But when I told her she had 2 more minutes to play, she wanted to leave right away.

She wanted to go home and play with her Papaw !

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