Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chuck E Cheese's

We went to Chuck E Cheese's for "Grandma Day" this week.

Elianna's favorite part was when she had a private showing of the Chuck E Cheese Show. We were the only ones on the party side. An employee saw us there and came over and started the show. Eliannna danced, clapped and watched Chuck E while standing up at first. Then when the second act started she just walked over, pulled out a chair and sat down like she owned the place. She watched her exclusive show all the way until the end.

* * *

These next two pictures were just too cute.

She was really listening to the female character on the phone who supposedly was at the hospital. She was trying to find Chuck E Cheese and asked Elianna to help.

No fooling this little girl. She knew strange adults don't ask children to help them!

* * *

Elianna liked this ride the best. She rode it 6 times!

Once sitting on Chuck E Cheese's lap!

I can't decide if she really liked driving the car

or just liked getting her picture!

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Melanie said...

Too cute!! When you coming down to take my kids?