Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Story Time Again!

Today we went back to the Library for the first storytime since May. Storytimes had taken a break to get ready for the summer.
Eliannna was so excited when we pulled in the parking lot, she started waving and telling the library "HI!" She practically ran to the door and went straight to the storytime room. She told me that the door was locked. Then Elianna turned around and started jumping up & down. She yelled,"Here she comes!" I was surprised that she remembered the Librarian.
She participated all through storytime with songs, finger plays and even shouting out answers to the questions the librarian asked while reading the books. One book was "Buggy Bear" about a little bear that kept being bothered by bugs.
The other was about what you can and cannot do with your underwear. Quite funny really! Elianna was fascinated with the picture about swimming in your underwear. She kept saying," See Again Swim" I guess she thought the story was being read just to her and she could tell the librarian to go back for whatever she wanted. (well she is two!)

Afterwards during playtime, she gravitated towards two girls that she's played with before at storytime. And for the very first time (that I'd heard) she answered Elianna instead of LaLa when one of the girls asked her her name.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Strawberry Festival

Friday afternoon we went to the Strawberry Festival to see the Animal Magic Show.

She was most impressed with the Giant Porcupine. She liked the rattling noise it made before it shot a quill.
Also she kept wanting to go look at the turtles, snakes and a pot belly pig that were up for adoption on the side. It was hard to take pictures because the sun was so bright.

My Favorite time at the festival was when we stopped at the tour bus for Honey Bunches of Oats. They were giving away bowls of cereal and milk to try.

As we were eating our cereal, the workers came and asked if they could take Elianna's picture. They did it just like the ads on tv. We were in front of a yellow screen instead of a blue screen and just holding this huge spoon.

Elianna did not have a nap and wasn't as enthusiastic as I was (to say the least). She refused to wear the hard hat and wouldn't let me wear it either but insisted I be in the picture too. She did enjoy holding that big spoon of cereal.

Soon after the pictures we left to go home. We had only explored the Main Street section of the festival. She was too tired to go on; but still cried loudly all the way back to where we parked, "I DON'T WANT TO GO!!"

It's just terrible to be 2 when your body wants sleep and you want to keep having fun!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Green House Visit

Today we went shopping for flowers and herbs at the local greenhouse.

Notice Little Miss insisted on taking her phone. Of course, as soon as I asked her to carry the basil her phone rang. She stopped right there and had a pretend conversation with her other Nana before we could move on.

After we had chosen our flowers and herbs, Elianna had to pull the cart "myself". She did a really great job pulling that bulky cart all the way to the checkout without one mishap. I had envisioned her going off the path and plowing down numerous plants.

Then she passed right by the cash register and started out the door. The cashier was running after the cart adding things up as Elianna was, "Taking flofers to Grandma's Truck". When I reminded her we had to pay for them, she gave me that sheepish look of hers that means Duh! How COULD I forget?

When I took her home she informed her mom here's a pack of real impatiens for you!

Play at Nana 's House

This the first time Elianna has seen the new Kitchen we bought on eBay. Last week we didn't have a Grandma day due to my health. I've been waiting over a week to see her reaction to it. Well as you can see she was very excited. We didn't make it into the house for over an hour!

She can't wait to share it with her cousins when they come to Michigan!

We played dollhouse, sit & spin, and strung shapes before lunch. After lunch she offered Papaw ribblits and toe jam. She knows he'll always get her. Then they sang their HI HO song when he left for work.

After nap she was right back outside to run with Shadow and drive her truck.
It was a nice cool day to play!