Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Green House Visit

Today we went shopping for flowers and herbs at the local greenhouse.

Notice Little Miss insisted on taking her phone. Of course, as soon as I asked her to carry the basil her phone rang. She stopped right there and had a pretend conversation with her other Nana before we could move on.

After we had chosen our flowers and herbs, Elianna had to pull the cart "myself". She did a really great job pulling that bulky cart all the way to the checkout without one mishap. I had envisioned her going off the path and plowing down numerous plants.

Then she passed right by the cash register and started out the door. The cashier was running after the cart adding things up as Elianna was, "Taking flofers to Grandma's Truck". When I reminded her we had to pay for them, she gave me that sheepish look of hers that means Duh! How COULD I forget?

When I took her home she informed her mom here's a pack of real impatiens for you!


Melanie said...

No where else but Michigan you can get away with sandals and a jacket!! Can't wait to play with the truck. Oh and poor Angela and her impatients....

Cyndi said...

Don't get too excited with the truck. It's front wheels are messed up. Elianna just likes getting in and out, loading the back with broken asphalt from driveway and getting gas. Oh, and asking me for the pretend keys!