Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Story Time Again!

Today we went back to the Library for the first storytime since May. Storytimes had taken a break to get ready for the summer.
Eliannna was so excited when we pulled in the parking lot, she started waving and telling the library "HI!" She practically ran to the door and went straight to the storytime room. She told me that the door was locked. Then Elianna turned around and started jumping up & down. She yelled,"Here she comes!" I was surprised that she remembered the Librarian.
She participated all through storytime with songs, finger plays and even shouting out answers to the questions the librarian asked while reading the books. One book was "Buggy Bear" about a little bear that kept being bothered by bugs.
The other was about what you can and cannot do with your underwear. Quite funny really! Elianna was fascinated with the picture about swimming in your underwear. She kept saying," See Again Swim" I guess she thought the story was being read just to her and she could tell the librarian to go back for whatever she wanted. (well she is two!)

Afterwards during playtime, she gravitated towards two girls that she's played with before at storytime. And for the very first time (that I'd heard) she answered Elianna instead of LaLa when one of the girls asked her her name.

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Angela said...

I took her to our local library and she says, "This a wittle lava!" (A little library) She is getting spoiled going to the nicer one, but they won't take my library card! So, we're stuck with our "wittle" library.