Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Around the World in a Heartbeat!

The Milan Library had a music concert as their grand opening for the Summer Reading Program. The lady did some geography with a stuffed globe, sang songs & used instruments from around the World.
Elianna was excited to be so close to a harp before the program started!

Until after the show, when she was the first one picked to actually play the harp.

Then she was very, very excited!

Selah was one of the children picked to play a maraca during a song!

She walked right up and played in front of the crowd with no hesitation.

A couple other instruments.

Broken Car!

As we were driving home from the concert, Elianna yells from the back seat, "Grandma, Grandma, did you see that broken car?" I explained that the car was called a convertible and you could drive with the top down. She then exclaimed unbelieving, " So do they break it before or after they buy it?" "That would be really cold in the winter!"
I didn't even begin to tell her that people pay more for a "broken car".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boys' First Grandma Day

Levi & Micah had their first Grandma Day.

Yes, each child gets started younger & younger!

Actually the girls had a playdate so I watched the twins so Angela could go too!

I took pictures, fed, diapered, held , and played with them.

I was rewarded with tons of smiles, coos & a little spit-up.

It was a great Grandma Day!!!!