Friday, May 15, 2009

New Playground

We went to a new park today.

It now holds the title "Best Playground for my Grandchildren!"

After 3 years of holding the title, I'm sorry to announce the park in Md is now the runner-up.

Elianna is such a good big sister!

Selah in the wind.

Elianna said, "Now I look like cousin Aby!"
Selah asked, "Where we going ?" "Where am I driving you?"

Elianna aka Lioness

Elianna was sad a friend had to leave.

Normally I don't let the girls play on the swings when we go to a park. #1 I would rather they be running around playing. #2 My chest hurts to push them. But because of the springs these swings were easy to push. The girls enjoyed this unexpected treat.

This climbing wall was made of a flexible material.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Wow!! Too cool! Though remember that park you loved was torn to smithereens by a back hoe!!??!! So they could have made it bigger and better!! We'll have to see!