Saturday, May 16, 2009


This was a wonderful event with many trucks and vehicles for the girls to explore. All of the trucks had lines for the children who wanted to sit in them and pretend to drive.The girls stood very patiently in each of the lines until our last one the K-9 unit. We still had about 4-5 families in front of us when Elianna asked if she could go ask the police officer the dog's name. Next thing I notice, He is putting her in the unit, in front of all these kids waiting in line. Dear Elianna, she is so convincing she can talk a police officer into breaking the law!

The Garbage Truck was the first one they wanted to explore.

These pictures were a case of me telling them both to run over and stand under the H on the bus so I could take a picture. Well somehow Elianna thought I just meant her. As her face shows she was mad that I said Selah could be in the picture too. But I love the body language of Selah when she found out.

Elianna is talking on the radio and Selah is checking the inside mirrors to see the passengers on the bus.

Selah was afraid because of the height of the moving truck but Elianna loved running around in the back of it.

Selah inside U.S. Mail vehicle. Elianna was driving. We were also allowed to go into a Mobile Post Office used for emergencies.

Harley Girls told me they were going to get Little Gene! (He is the son of Chad's friend that lives in Florida.)

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