Saturday, January 5, 2008

Great-Grandma Christmas

We had one last hurrah of Christmas Celebration at Great-Grandma's house. Just the girls and their daddy went with us. (Mommy was sick)
The girls were very well behaved. Even waiting very patiently through the great lunch she had for us to eat. Finally present time, Elianna was very disappointed she had to wait for her daddy to put their tricycle together at home. She didn't understand that it was in pieces in the box. She wanted to ride it right away. Mind you there was over 5" of snow on the ground. (I know because I was sitting in it when I slipped and fell getting out of the truck.) I especially like the second picture where you can see the girls eyeballing each other's gifts.

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Angela said...

The girls had such a great time - I was sorry to miss out!!!! Now, Elianna asks me almost daily, "When can I ride my tricycle!??!"