Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at Our House!

Friday night we had our Christmas & gift exchange. It was planned for Saturday night. But Hubby & eldest Son decided on Friday that Friday was better. Good thing all my presents were already bought & wrapped. But I wasn't done with Elianna's outfit. I ended up sewing right up until the middle of our dinner. See the finished product in the photos & previous post. It was worth it.

We missed Melanie and her family and my parents but I think everyone had a good time. The girls did really well even with the late hour.

My highlight of the evening involved Elianna.

Understand, our family passes presents out one at a time. Everyone watches while that one is opened. Then we pass out the next present.

This year my eldest son would pick a present from under the tree. He would read who it was for and then give it to Elianna to deliver.
Well, my husband received several presents in a row that were all clothes wrapped without a box. When he had every one's attention, being funny, he would squish them, act like he was guessing what they were, and then shout out "Socks!"

Finally Chad picked a CD wrapped like a CD. (no disguising this one) He gave it to Elianna to deliver to Glenn.

She walked it over to her Papaw with her hand on her hip and held it out to him. (Using that cute tone she has; that sounds as if to say "silly adults don't you know anything?" Must I tell you everything?)
Before handing him his present, she says,
"Papaw - This is NOT socks!"

Of course we all start laughing. Flustered, she turns around and says, "Well they're not!"


Angela said...

Wow- could you have found a dorkier picture of our family?!?!

Cyndi said...

Sorry, but IMHO it was the best of the ones that were taken.