Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ribbon Dance

Elianna & I were had taken out the Winter decorations for the buffet. Elianna was arranging the ice cubes. They were the last items to add when we heard a little voice say "WO...W"! Both Angela & I turned around from watching Elianna.

Selah had found this long piece of shiny ribbon left over in the storage bin. She was so excited when she took it out that she spontaneously started spinning around with the ribbon and dancing gracefully. You couldn't resist feeling her joy.

Ahh... to feel the joy & peace that a simple ribbon is able to bring to a child during this hectic season.


Melanie said...

Hey I didn't see this the first time around?? Did you back-date??? Huh?

Cyndi said...

Yes, I did backdate by only 2 or 3 days. I was waiting for Angela to post the video she took of the dancing and I was going to add a link to my post.
But it wasn't out of order. You must have just missed it.