Wednesday, March 11, 2009

University of Michigan Boys!

Happy mom of twins! This is the first photo of both of them together.
Micah is in the mostly blue & gold cap.
Levi is in the mostly gold & blue cap.
The NICU nurses were kind enough to propose and then find the complimenting hats for this photo op.


hez said...

Cyndi, You received two miracles for the price of one! What precious tiny baby boys.
I LOVE their names.
Congrats to Grampa Glen and Aunt Melanie and Uncle Craig!
Oh, yeah, maybe a word or two for Mommy and Daddy,huh?
Chad and Angela have been richly and repeatedly blessed by our Lord!

Elizabeth said...

Angela said you may post pictures so I just had to come see. Thanks for updating when she can't! They are so cute! Of course being a U of M grad I LOVE the hats!