Friday, March 6, 2009

Sisters meeting Brothers

Both girls were very eager to meet their new brothers.
This was their first glimpse of brother Micah.

Elianna checking out Levi.
She was very curious about his belly button.


Angela said...

Elianna keeps asking when the boo-boo is going to fall out of his belly button... It really perturbs her. Levi looks so big in that picture!!

Cyndi said...

It's the angle I took the picture. Only way I could keep the glare out & still get Elianna's face.

Anonymous said...

wow! the picture of Elianna peering in on Levi is priceless! Levi does look a lot bigger than I was expecting too! Cynthia, you really are blessed - 6 beautiful grandchildren - now you've caught up with Grammy & Paw Paw! Hope Angela is doing well too! Congratulations once again!