Friday, April 18, 2008

Outdoor Science Center

Tiny Tots Program
It was a fine spring day to attend .
It was sunny and 72 degrees!

First thing she wanted to do was visit the craft stations.
Here she made a rain stick. She also made a noise maker-shaker.

Next we went to the "Critter House"
She was able to pet a bunny, touch a box turtle, see a newly hatched dove, and watch an iguana.

Then we went on a 45 minute hike which started at the log pile. The adults turned over logs while the kids looked for pill bugs & centipedes. Our guide reminded me of Steve from Blues Clues. (Not how he looked but how he acted) Extremely over animated! I mean just how excited can you get over the buds on the trees and mold on the ground. But the children loved him!

Next we went to visit the raptors in their cages.

Elianna especially liked the owl and the bald eagle.

Last we listened to a man sing songs and do finger plays. I really liked his song about playing outside "it has more channels than any TV" Elianna wanted to sit through this station twice. So instead of three 45 minutes sessions that were offered we did 4. Surprisingly the songs were different each time.

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