Friday, April 4, 2008

April Showers

After being able to play outside every day while in Alabama where it was warm, Elianna had been begging to play outside. My daughter-in-law said she would like it if I took Elianna outside today. She sent her with a change of clothes and dressed in her new rain gear.

Miss Bumble Bee.

We went out back where I knew there was a BIG puddle and Elianna gleefully went-

Puddle Stomping!

She only took a few breaks for some Nature Exploration.

And, Yes, she did need the change of clothes when we finally went inside.


Angela said...

What a wonderful grandma - taking your granddaughter outside to play in this icky weather!!! You're doing better than I did - I kept making excuses on why I couldn't take her out... Ugh. I hate this muddy, slushy mess. I'm glad she was able to go to Grandma's and have fun, anyway!

Cyndi said...

First, I couldn't have taken her outside if her papa hadn't agreed to watch Selah.
Second, I'm grateful for her having a mom who doesn't mind her getting dirty. Thanks!