Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tomatoes Anyone??

It all started innocently enough. We were playing in our backyard when Elianna asked, "Can I feed Shadow?" I replied,"No, what are you going to feed Shadow?" "There's no food out here."
(In an attempt to stop her from feeding the dog her own food, we had been telling her for months that Shadow only eats his dog food and that people food would make him sick.)

I went into the house for water. When I came out, there were tomatoes all over the backyard.

Forgetting about her earlier question, I loudly asked, "Elianna, what are you doing?" As she picked a green tomato, she smoothly replied in her special duh! tone , "I'm getting food." Then I told her, "We don't pick the green tomatoes." Right away she grabbed a yellow tomato and asked, "How bout yellow?"

The big question is: Was she skirting the situation of feeding the dog after I had said no or did she really think dogs ate tomatoes?

But more importantly Shadow was wondering, "Why is this little girl throwing tomatoes at me?"

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Melanie said...

Poor Shadow!! And I'm betting she was skirting the situation!!