Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bike Riding

Right now Elianna's favorite activity is to ride her bike. Mind you that I picked it up at a garage sale for only $5 and it's the toy she plays with for the longest. Up and down the driveway she rides laughing every time even if it is the twenty-second time.

What's extremely cute is Selah's helping. Our driveway is not in the best of shape to say it nicely. Sometimes Elianna will get caught on a bump or something where her training wheels are on the driveway but the tire doesn't have any contact to the driveway. So she could pedal all day but the bike doesn't move. When she calls for help Selah comes running to give her a little push so she can get moving again. It's too funny to see this little toddler pushing her bigger sister.

Of course, Shadow has to be in on the action too!

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Melanie said...

Very cute! Where's the construction videos?