Friday, June 20, 2008


Today Elianna and I went to the Circus. It was the exact type of Circus that I like for young children. It had one ring, outside with bleachers set up around the ring. All the family members doing different acts.

Elianna loved all the new experiences. The circus music she heard as we walked toward the circus entrance just started the non-ending questions.

First thing I let her ride the ponies. (that was old hat for her!)

We watched the Lions and Tigers, Dancing Camel, Balancing Elephants and dogs doing tricks.

She liked the hawkers walking around the crowd selling popcorn, cotton candy, balloons and toys. Surprisingly she only asked for the sno cone and later a bottle of water. During Intermission she was so excited she wanted to call her mom right then to tell her, "I have much fun!" We also bought a coloring book for Selah.

She was really interested in the human acts and caught on real quick to the fact that some people did more than one act. Elianna kept wanting to see Colleen come out again.

She added Juggle, Trampoline, Aeriel, and more to her vocabulary in short time.
Watching this man juggle balls, pins and knives was entertaining to her but when he started juggling fire she said, "ooow that's dangerous!"

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