Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jump City

Today we went to jump at Jump City! It had been over a year since I'd been there as nanny for Sam & Abbey. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had doubled the space, added more inflatables, and kept the $6 price the same.

This was Elianna's first time. She loved jumping & sliding. But she only wanted to go in if there was no one else in the bouncer. Which was very hard as it was a rainy day thus it was crowded. Next time we'll go to the 3pm session. The owner clued me in and told me that time slot is usually empty.

Suddenly, I fell out of the above bouncer and landed on the floor. The steps just collapsed under me. (I probably weighed too much) I scraped my elbow and it was bleeding. After that Elianna didn't go on any more bouncers. I don't know if it was because of my fall or an inflatable was never empty after that. She said, "Too many boyz!"

She decided trying out the different riding toys and playing with a toy vacuum were much more exciting. This police car was her favorite!

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